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Default Re: "Flame On!" The Human Torch Thread

Originally Posted by Mr. Fixit View Post
How come whenever people use a "random" hypothetical assortment of folks to back up their own views, that same "random" hypothetical assortment always happens to agree with them?

Let me try that tactic...

If you asked 100 random people, how do you feel about making Johnny Storm black in the new Fantastic Four movie I'm willing to say that 20% would be for for it, and 80% would be upset of the race change.

Awesome. No heavy lifting involved at all!

because my made up percentages were drawn from logic, while yours were not. Like I, and others have mentioned, 8 out of 10 people would probably have no problem with a race change or even have no idea who Johnny Storm is, a small majority will be the ones with the problem.

If I was in the wrong here I wouldn't be using a random hypothetical assortment to back myself up.

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