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Default Re: "Flame On!" The Human Torch Thread

Originally Posted by Parker Wayne View Post
I'm pretty sure that if MBJ is cast as Johnny it won't that many people from the theater for it to matter that much. Of course people are going to be mad, but it's not like millions of fans are going to stay home because of the race change. They're going to see it, and if it's good, they're going to see it again and the point will for the most part be moot. For the most part, most fans will complain, but they're going to be in line to see it if it gets good reviews.

I can't imagine people saying this:

Guy A: Hey, I heard that Fantastic Four movie is good.

Guy B: Yeah, but the Human Torch is a black guy, I'd rather not see it.
I'm not talking so much about the number going to the movie...I'm talking more about the "word of mouth" at the beginning. The "word of mouth" when people began to realize that we were not going to see Galactus was HUGE...

The fact that the "word of mouth" already is "oh crap, Fox is putting the movie out...well its going to suck like the other 2" already has a good number of CB internet sites taking the negative route. Why add to that when you don't really have to?


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