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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

Both characters played pretty important roles in the film.

Black Widow was the one who was able to figure out what Loki's end-game was. Not only that, but she was the one who shut down the portal. Yes, anyone could have done that, but she was the one who was able to at that time.

Hawkeye basically directed traffic and was able to inform the other Avengers where they were needed for most of the fight. Here is a guy who, other than being extremely skilled at what he does, has no special ability or power and he held his own - in an exposed position nonetheless - against an overwhelming enemy force.

I'm not saying that those characters couldn't be killed off down the road, but to write them off as unimportant is just silly.

Speaking from a writer's point-of-view, they are kind of necessary: They humanize the story in subtle ways. They are soldiers, yes, but they are in-fact WAY out of their league. Yet they still hold their own. That's pretty impressive in my book.

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