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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by CaptainClown View Post
Well that was the character. Bane is suppose to be the "antibatman" (It seems like every villain is an antibatman) And why he was a challenge was that he was superior in mind, tactics and pure strength. In order to properly defeat batman he created a scenario where Batman would be tired and all Bane would have to do is come in beat him up and break him. So his major traits other then his extreme strength is his mind.

Deathstroke is a fantastic assassin that could go toe to toe with many meta humans true..That is great for Deathstroke. He is another character all together and would approach defeating Batman much differently. Deathstroke is a lonewolf and thus he would go about things in a different way.

Batman is a master planner and much like Sherlock Holmes, he would prefer to be 1-2 steps ahead of his enemy, thats just how Batman rolls. When Batman gets outsmarted it is a greater defeat then someone who can match him in combat.

And yes not every character has to be a mastermind to be a threat, but when it comes to Bane yes he should be one. Or else you get Bane from Batman and Robin.
The point of my post was to show that a character like Deathstroke who happens to be the smartest tactician on DC Earth is'nt usually a mastermind type so why does Bane have to be?
IMO Batman has too many masterminds,it's almost cliched now. Usually masterminds do absolutely nothing in Batman stories other than being shoehorned in to the plot at the climax.
David Finch's Bane was a mastermind and he was crap.

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