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Default Re: The "Little Things" You Appreciated/Loved Thread

Originally Posted by 113 View Post
-Loved that they made Supes a terrible fighter (initially at least). Snyder and Goyer painstaking drove home the point that Clark has never been in a fight in his life. His first fight EVER is against Faora and Nam-Ek and he gets his ass beat, which was realistic.

-That the Kryptonians don't know how to fly and can only jump (like Clark initially could). Zod didn't learn to fly until the very end.

-Faora gets temporarily knocked out by a missile, shows that our weapons aren't completely useless.

-The line at the end "Welcome to the planet." Truly perfect line. Could end up being considered a legendary line one day

-Love that Superman RODE A BIKE to work at the end. OF COURSE Clark would do that, fits the character perfectly.

-The shift from scene of Clark's ship landing in Kansas to immediately seeing him in the modern day on the fishing trawler was handled perfectly

-Learning how to fly

-Faora's fighting style being speed. This shows us how awesome a Flash movie could look.

-"A good death is its' own reward" line. So ominous and creepy coming from her. Antje stole the show

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
Faora wasn't knocked out by the missile. What was getting to her was her helmet malfunctioning after Clark slammed her into the ground. What was happening to her was the same that was happening to Zod when his helmet was messed up.
Yea Faora helmet got ripped and her senses were over loaded and she became dizzy and nauseous.

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