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Default "I'm all alone here." More evidence Cyclops may be alive?

Ever since Last Stand people have been speculating, since we never saw a body. Since Jean's apparently alone in the afterlife...kinda surprising that Scott isn't there with her. Even if Logan was simply hallucinating yet again that last time; due to the near death experience, you think he'd find solace in knowing she was in a better place and with someone who loved her.

I understand from the thematic viewpoint it was about Logan/Jean and him having to reconcile what happened and let her go...but it's interesting to think about. It was rumored for a while that Marsden was seen on a plane with Halle Berry when she flew out for filming. You'd think he'd be at comic con, but we only just recently heard about Havok being in Days of Future Past. It would be neat to see him have a cameo of some sort, maybe even interacting with his brother. (Alex is probably the older sibling in the movies, but still it'd be a nice dynamic to explore.)

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