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Default Re: "Do you really wanna live in a world without Coca-Cola?" - The Original Cast Thre

Originally Posted by RikePirado View Post
Do you think they would like to be anchors for the original cast?
I just don't think the constant need of going back and forth in the present and the past is really good for the franchise. Like setting a whole movie in the past then setting the next movie in the present then the next one in the past again.

Just look at this:
Origins/First Class - set in the past
The Wolverine - set in the present
DOFP - starts in the present but most of it are set in the past
Apocalypse - set in the past
5th OT film - set in the present

Ughhh talk about going back and forth in the past and present. With 7 X-Men films now, its not very easy for the casuals to follow the whole timeline. At least with a film set in the present and yet filled with flashbacks, the mainstream audience won't have that "oh its another prequel" "where does this film set after" effect. In my opinion, just move forward in the present. If there's something really important in the past that needs to be shown, just show it in a flashback scene, not dedicate a whole movie for it.

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