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Default Re: Pepper Potts as Rescue

Originally Posted by xeno000 View Post
There is a very good reason why Pepper might get a suit of armor: She's being attacked by Tony's enemies yet again. Pepper is in the line of fire because of Tony, so it makes perfect sense that he would come up with a means to protect her from danger when he can't himself. You may not like that reasoning, but it's not a stretch by any means.

Fans usually whine when the films diverge from the comics, but in the case of War Machine and Rescue all the pissing and moaning is about developments that are canon. In Rhodey's case, he has had the armor in one form or another since the 1983. War Machine has three decades of history behind him and his existence is by no means controversial anywhere but on forums like this. Pepper got her suit more recently, but again it's part of comics lore that the filmmakers are going to mine for ideas.
I'm not complaining about Rhodey as War Machine.. Len Kaminski and Kev Hopgood's run on Iron Man is one of my absolute favorites.

Rhodey is actually qualified to be in a suit.. What makes Pepper? Nothing.

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