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Default Re: The President Obama Thread

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
Yeah, that's not what i was saying at all. I was mainly agreeing with you, just saying the matter is more complex than you realize.
'Preventative' is hardly agreeing with me.

You could have started by explaining your logic instead of just throwing out vague statements without substantiating them in the slightest.

But its quite obvious you don't even have the most basic knowledge of either the current sociopolitical scene nor any concept of the historical trends and precedents that exists.
Hollow insults are not a replacement for an argument.

If you feel I'm oblivious (despite the fact that I provided several examples of context while you provided nearly zero to me), please, feel free to inform me of what I am missing. But petty retorts like 'you're ignorant' mean -nothing-.

Bottom line: There is nothing 'preventative' about provoking World War III and making ourselves economically vulnerable at the same time.

There is also nothing 'simple' about the concern I'm expressing.

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