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Default Re: Barry & Caitlin - The SnowBarry Thread

Originally Posted by Avenging Angel View Post
Liked this little spat between them in last night's episode. Barry sounded jealous when Caitlin defended Ralph.

In a perfect world, they would have started this show by NOT having Barry presented as Iris's foster brother and where Danielle was the one portraying that character, but without all of the baggage that came with Candice's characterization (not blaming the actress, just the writing).

Even IF Barry and Candice's Iris weren't foster siblings, the chemistry that they have between each other feels like a sibling one at times. Honestly, the Arrow-Verse has it all wrong.

Oliver on "Arrow" should have hooked up and stayed with one of the Black Canaries on that show, instead of getting together with Felicity....while Barry should have not been paired with his canon love interest as it is on this show and just end up with someone new like

And maybe it's just me but Grant and Danielle have had more (unintentional) chemistry with each other than with the actors that their characters have been romantically paired up with (Barry with Iris & Caitlin with Ronnie/Hunter/Julian).

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