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Default Re: Barry & Caitlin - The SnowBarry Thread

Originally Posted by 30Airrazor View Post
I think that the exception of Gates, Pound, & Wallace; these writers on The Flash just lack the know how. They're afraid of being called racist by a group of fans when the fact is they aren't racist at all. They've got no guts to be daring, just want to make a name for themselves. Both Gustin & Panabaker friendship off screen makes their on-screen characters so unique similar to both Amell & Rickards on Arrow, & for these writers to keep them apart shows all of us how much they have no idea to create genuine drama, & that's the kind thing which annoys me to no end.
At least they had the good sense to realize Kara and Jimmy weren't working and broke them up at the start of season 2. Kara and Mon-El also seem much more believable because Melissa and Chris have an off screen relationship.
Even Kara and Adam had more chemistry in season 1 because at the time Melissa was married to Blake.

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