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Default Re: Barry & Caitlin - The SnowBarry Thread

Originally Posted by Avenging Angel View Post
Loved the teaming up in the church scene. The less Iris the better. It gives other characters time to shine. Barry and Caitlin hardly have any scenes together and that is still a big threat to step siblings who will unfortunately marry tonight. I doubt they will last. Iris is way too selfish to keep it going.
unfortully if wa stans are right and that was indeed their daughter from future at wedding last night iris will be pregnent before end of season.

it was clear arrow writers don't like iris way flashw riters do with how they wrote her.

one poential ray of hope is when we get to episodes after andrew Keisberg was suspended,plus he may not return,we ay get improvement with him apparently key reason for wa.wa and iris are such a joke at this point.

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