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Default Re: What is your opinion on the overall quality of the fight scenes in TDK and TDKR?

I've always been fine with the first shaky cam in the dockyard scene. I get what Nolan was trying to do with his whole "Batman is like the Alien in Alien" approach so we never really see him until he grabs Falcone.

The parking lot scene in TDK had great combat as did the final Prewitt Building sequence. The rest? Not so much, but they're still watchable.

The 1st Batman and Bane fight was fantastic, besides the obvious parts where you can tell that some hits weren't even connecting. I didn't really have any problems with the combat in Rises overall.

I'll say this, Nolan did a better job of convincing me that Batman can fight on-screen than any of the past films.

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