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Default Re: Discussion: The Economy, National Debt, And Other Financial Issues III

Originally Posted by Kelly View Post
oooooh noooooo....I've given my thoughts several times around here, and they haven't changed....

I have stated many times that we should go back to the tax rate of the Clinton years and I WANT TO CUT at least 20% across the board, but would compromise at 10%....and I mean across the board....EVERYONE. My dream would be 25%. IMO, if leaders of these agencies cannot figure out a way to make up 20% of their cost to overcome these cuts, they have no business being in leadership at that level. The budget of schools across the country have had FAR MORE THAN 25% of their budgets cut, and they have figured out ways to make it.....other government agencies can do the same, hell start by cutting out those agencies that simply do what other agencies are supposed to be doing. The excess is mind boggling.
Gotta disagree with this. The cuts in school funding have been devastating to many. The quality of education has gone down, teachers across the board have lost their jobs, and those who haven't remain critically underpayed, all the while paying for supplies the schools ant provide from their own tiny pay checks. My mother was a teacher and after ten years, she only received one raise. For 18 cents. And she was one of the lucky ones.

This same problem has been plaguing government agencies as well. Remember, there are hard working people trying to make a living in these "faceless" agencies that people keep saying need major cuts. With those major cuts, these people's jobs and salaries will, and have been sacrificed already. People act like cutting funding for government programs and agencies is such an easy and victimless thing, but it's not in the slightest. What good is it going to dothe econmy by laying off even more people? I'm not saying cuts shouldn't be made, but that people need to understand the consequences better.

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