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Default Re: The Season 5 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Marvolo View Post
Palpatine was able to cloud the entire Jedi Order's force abilities. I'd say he is powerful enough to sense out what is going on in another room. Force choking someone at the right moment from somewhere else would be a cake walk for him. And let's not forget that the 501st that work the prison are in his pocket as is Tarkin. I'd say Palpatine can get anything done in that facility that he wants.

It could be Barris, but Palpatine is equally as likely.

Palpatine was never explicitly stated as clouding all of the Jedi's vision of the force. The way I took it at least, as the Dark Side grew the future just became unclear, mostly because they weren't going to be to see it.

Not to mention Palpatine already got his big moment for the season in the Episode "the lawless". Most likely he's not going to be back, the guys at the Clone Wars are pretty good about not over using characters, especially big ones.

Anyway it's not Palpatines style to do something like that. He's likely to be involved but not on the level you're talking.

Something else, the rogue Jedi could be tracing and listening in on all communications Barris is sending out to Ashoka. The rogue may have heard Barris telling Ashoka to go to the warehouse, and just went there also to further implicate her. Barris could still be innocent.
I mean she could be, but think about it. Unless it's a brand new character, who else is a prominent enough female Jedi to carry any gravity when revealed at the end. My only other guess is that it could have turned out to have been Asoka all along and she's just gone crazy from something to be retroactively explained.

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