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Default Re: Official TV Spots Thread

Originally Posted by darkhellraser View Post
I swear no games. This is my first time ever posting anything anywhere on the internet. I swear to god. All my life I have followed message boards and the only reason I posted this is because I wanted to know if anyone else saw what I saw. I then said to myself maybe I shouldnt say anything and just leave it alone but then I started thinking. Eff that. these nice member deserve to know what might be a new tv spot. I often get hypognotic imagery so I am not sure if it was a hallucination but know that I am sincere and to wade through what might be bullcrap remember that u might see superman give an awesome pissed off yell, u might see a barn get messed up and u might see a shot of lois lane flying with superman in close up. I MEAN very close up.

I believe you and welcome to the boards!
Sadly, I think you were dreaming, I haven't seen anyone else talking about a new tv spot. Just the one played during the nba game with Jor-El's new lines, but no new footage.

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