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Default Re: The Double Standards Against Superman

Originally Posted by SentinelMind View Post
Snyder: 5000 people died during fight between Superman and Zod.

How can you watch a movie that ends with a little kid stands proud with red flapping cape....when you have just witnessed murder and mayhem twice as significant as Sept 11 succeed? No reflection from Clark, Lois..anybody after that....think of what life would be like in a city like that. Snyder doesn't get it. Goyer should be ashamed of himself.
Dude you missed the point of all the previous posts, and you haven't done the Maths. Yes, 5000 people died, but 6,999,995,000 people LIVED !!!!

Yes there was murder and mayhem, at the hands of the Kryptonian invaders who were casually redesigning Earth's atmosphere to make the human race
EXTINCT ! In fact, your use of the word "succeed " seems incorrect, as clearly the Kryptonians plan failed, with the human race being mostly intact at the end of the film.

As for the one-on-one with Zod.
Zod's original plan was to wipe out the human race, and he was incredibly casual about it. What was his Plan B, when plan A failed ?
Kill as many humans as possible until killed himself.

You must have hated Star Wars, because the death star had a crew of thousands, (probably a lot of whom were non-combatants, like janitors, mechanics, and support staff), BOOM ! all gone, and Luke Skywalker's a hero.
Did you hang your head in horror at the senseless loss of life ? Did you
decry George Lucas' barbarity ?

If you don't like mayhem and murder, you might be reading the wrong genre, as comic books often have a lot of both -sometimes even at the hands of the hero.

Here's a link to a forum you might enjoy more if the above material offends your sensibilities

No murder or mayhem there, just the dastardly machinations of Mr Bingley !

That little kid standing proud, was probably one of the best moments in the film - that he was always going to do something that made a difference (and ended up making a difference to over 6.9 billion people).

MOS isn't a perfect film, (I loved it, but apparently many didn't) anyway, there are lots of reasons to attack it, but the body count is not one that's logically defensible.

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