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Default Re: Captain America 2: News and Speculation - Part 4

Well, here's the thing.
As fanboys, we all know that Agent 13 = Sharon Carter. We all know that Sharon Carter is Cap's main squeeze, and EVC was definitely cast for "the love interest." So, common sense says yeah: Sharon Carter.

But looking at it in a film from the general audience's eyes, Sharon Carter looks like Black Widow in a white jumpsuit; and more than a few people in this very thread expressed (pretty vocally) that Cap dating a Peggy Carter relative has an "ick" factor (I personally don't see it, since they're several generations removed, and other things, but hey, apparently some people have a problem with it).

So that's two potential problems with introducing Sharon into the MCU: (1) redundancy to Black Widow's role, and (2) "keeping it in the family" might make some audience members a little uncomfortable with Cap's dating choices.

So, *if* those are issues that Cap's writers are having some trouble with, I could see the MCU "Agent 13" being an entirely different character than what we're expecting.


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