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Default Re: Is anyone else not excited about Superman and Batman? I feel nothing but dread.

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
I see no indication that the film makers involved are capable of that level of restraint.
I would agree if this was Christian Bale and TDK Batman, but it isn't. This is a totally new Batman being introduced and he will be totally different. I just don't see this new guy, whoever it may be, coming in, doing his thing and audiences just forced to accept it just because he's Batman. I think most people are underrating the fact of the pressure this new Batman has on his shoulders. They aren't going to throw him to the wolves and let this unknown character have the floor to play with. I just don't see it.

WB needs to find the medium and give us a one helluva movie where we will be on the edge of our seat and when the confrontation DOES happen (oh, and it IS..) that it will just blows peoples mind. Suspense. Anticipation. You can't have that if you just....give Batman a huge role from line-one.

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