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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

I wish I was still reading the books, if as some say Sif is getting a spotlight in JiM. I have always liked her with Thor just because it makes more sense, to me anyway, that those 2 asgardian kids would be an ideal couple. That being said I understand the fascination of those that like Thor/Jane over Thor/Sif, as well as acknowledging that the Thor/Jane dynamic lends itself to more soap opera styled melodrama.

I will add that my former soap opera watching grandma watched Thor with me recently and she asked me what the relationship with Thor and Sif was. After I told her what it was like in the comics she said something I have heard a lot since I was young: "Two woman, one man... That's always trouble." If my grandmother born in 1932 could pick up on Sif's feelings for Thor with no prior knowledge then I would say most of the GA got it too.

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