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Default Re: What people DIDN'T like from The Avenger ........Spoilers - Part 1

Originally Posted by Infinity9999x View Post
I agree with many of your points, but no way would I say Avengers is like a play. It was very cinematic. And would I say IM3 looks more cinematic?

No, I wouldn't. It looks different stylistically. It looks a bit darker and gritter, which I don't think is better or worse, it just looks different. Avengers was filmed with a 3D experience in mind, and that contributed to the filming style I think. And much of the action was amazing.

But Avengers being like a play? No, not really. Frost Nixon was like a play. Doubt was like a play...because they were originally plays. Movies that are like plays go low on the action, high on the dialogue, and move at much slower paces.
Lol, idk to me watching the movie it seriously seems closer to a play than any movie I have seen for a variety of reasons. And I don't mean to say that the action is lacking or something. The main reasons for me are:

1. The settings of every scene/act are there to assist in the story in a big way. Banner in a shack in Kolkata. Stark in his penthouse. Cap in his gym hitting a punching bag. Loki and Thor having that argument on the mountaintop. The helicarrier, the battle taking place in NY...I can't explain it well but the way each scene/act is set I am reminded of a play.

2. The dialogue in the movie isn't really there to drive the plot forward, it's there to reveal the personalities of the characters.

Word is you can find the cube
Is that the only word on me?
Only word I care about.

This exchange really is only in the movie to show what type of people Cap and Banner are. It doesn't really add anything to the plot. And the movie is filled with these types of moments, more than any movie I have seen recently.

3. It's very self-referential. Loki makes fun of the Hulk the whole movie and then gets his stuff kicked in by him at the end of the movie. The sceptre was what allowed him to break up the avengers but then it also is what closed the portal, so it ended up hurting him in the end. Stuff like that occurs in the movie.

Maybe I'm going a little crazy lol. But to me this whole movie was laid out like a play. It really doesn't surprise me that Whedon has said one of his biggest influences is Shakespeare. In terms of style, this story is incredibly Shakespearean, for the reasons I listed above. I mean, Joss Whedon is a playwright afterall, considering he wrote Dr. Horrible.

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