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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

I used to be pretty adamant that I only wanted to see a solo Batman in movies. But Blake in TDKR, Carrie Kelly in, erm, TDKR(eturns), and Robin in the Arkham City videogame made me think maybe it could work. Here's how I'd do it:

- Have Dick Grayson as Robin, he's 16 when Bruce takes him in.

- Discovers Bruce's identity but Bruce stubbornly refuses to endanger him by involving him, until....

- Robin does a Carrie Kelly by repeatedly disobeying Bruce but proves himself capable (maybe saves Bruce after a severe beating or similar??)

- Keep Robin piloting the plane/batmobile and doing 'side objectives' - no Robin taking down thugs. Batman gives him his 'orders' for each mission and he carries them out - no Batman & Robin swinging around town together looking for criminals.

- Have Robin trying to gain Bruce's approval throughout the movie, by the end of it Bruce has grudgingly accepted that Robin is useful, but tries to keep him out of direct danger where possible.

- Robin wears a darker version of his BTAS costume, but with bigger domino mask and hood (ala Arkham City) - this makes his ID being secret slightly more believable.

- Have Robin go from obedient/slightly intimidated by Batman's authority to begin with, and gradually have him make the odd sly, sarcastic remark here and there (a mildly comedic foil to Bruce's seriousness, ala BTAS) as Bruce comes to accept him as a valuable ally.

I think if it's done like this it could work...personally I feel this would work best with a Batman in his mid-30s/40s as Robin would then be like his 'student' rather than his 'sidekick'.

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