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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 1

Originally Posted by WarriorDreamer View Post
Yes. Movie's have a bigger production, the top, highly paid writers are hired to write it. They play out epic stories. Actresses on television don't have that luxury, they have to deal with comedy and crap episodes a lot of the time. The writers are more low pay and there's no guarantee they are any good. In television the schedule is very difficult. They normally have to work 8-10 hours a day, 6 days a week to bring out 45 minute episodes week-by-week. In movies actors and actresses take out months just to film something worth 2 hours. There are lots of reasons why actors/ actresses in films have it easier than in television. There are lots of reasons why actors/ actresses seem more epic in films, than they would in television. There are millions of dollars which goes into making them look good and seem exciting. In television there is a few thousand. In my opinion sometimes it's a case of actors who rise to what they have more than actors who were given lots to work with. You have to take that into consideration.

I think one season vs one movie is a somewhat fair comparison. What happens in movies is epic. What happens in television is not to epic, this makes television actors look bad. When I said or one episode, if you don't think that is a fair comparison perhaps their first two episodes. So for Teri Hatcher, Pilot and Strange Visitor (From Another Planet) and for Erica, Crusade and Gone. Both total the time of the movies.

If you don't want to compare/ actors/ actresses that's fine, but it isn't ridiculous and if you are to compare them, you need to measure accurately, so that both actors have equal opportunity.
Do you just type without thinking about you're saying or are these just posts based on impulses?

Production Value has NOTHING to do with the amount of time that's devoted towards showcasing an character on the actual film, let alone one that isn't the titular character.

Good grief, you do realize that Amy Adams only had so much time to work with being Lois in MOS right? In a story that was more focused on showing Superman's origins and the mythology of Krypton...

Whereas shows like Smallville and L&C were able to devote much more time in fleshing out their versions of Lois in terms of back story and development due to every episode offering something new.

If you can't understand that concept, then it's freaking hopeless trying to talk some logic towards you about this situation.

Originally Posted by WarriorDreamer View Post
Teri and Erica had brown hair. It doesn't matter that much. It just makes it more iconic to the comics.
Their hair looked pretty dark enough to be viewed as black for me.

And you want to talk about "More iconic to the comics"?

What do you freaking call this color on Lois's hair then?

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