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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 1

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
Do you just type without thinking about you're saying or are these just posts based on impulses?

Production Value has NOTHING to do with the amount of time that's devoted towards showcasing an character on the actual film, let alone one that isn't the titular character.

Good grief, you do realize that Amy Adams only had so much time to work with being Lois in MOS right? In a story that was more focused on showing Superman's origins and the mythology of Krypton...

Whereas shows like Smallville and L&C were able to devote much more time in fleshing out their versions of Lois in terms of back story and development due to every episode offering something new.

If you can't understand that concept, then it's freaking hopeless trying to talk some logic towards you about this situation.
So what? Movie actors/ actresses don't get time to portray their character therefore they are exempt from any and all comparison? Crap logic. If you are given materiel you rise to whatever crap is given you with whatever time you have. I'm not saying Amy didn't, but I'm saying to state there is no way you can compare a movie Lois and a TV Lois is ridiculous. They are acting in a production, they are given time to play a story of Superman.

Or are you saying that given time to play Lois is better than being given a beautiful and epic backdrop which films are given? In my opinion Henry Cavill is a better Superman than Dean Cain's Superman and he was given much less time.

Their hair looked pretty dark enough to be viewed as black for me.
Not really.

And you want to talk about "More iconic to the comics"?

What do you freaking call this color on Lois's hair then?

Not Amy Adams' color in Man of Steel.


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