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Originally Posted by By your Command View Post
While billing order does not depend on paychecks, Jennifer Lawrence is without a doubt the big name of the movie, even if she ends up appearing in just 2 minutes of the movie, and the X-Men movies while ensemble-ish they never go for the alphabetical "let's all be friends" order, so I wouldn't be surprised if Ms Lawrence goes right after Hugh Jackman, in fact, and I've said this before, if FOX had their way the billing order would look a little bit like this: "JENNIFER LAWRENCE is X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST"
Jackman is the face of this franchise and by far the most popular thing about it. His name will be in bold letters. After Jackman sure I think Lawrence role will be marketed the most out of all the other characters not named Wolverine. Sony marketed American Hustle on her name eventhough she plays the 5th most important character in the film.

If Fassbender gets a nomination for 12 Years a Slave, he'll get some attention.

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