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Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
That is the thing though, it takes away from Jimmy's relationship to Clark if you make Jenny a more Lois-centric character. Also, if this film is about Clark/Superman finally finding a home/acceptance, then the idea of him finally finding a true friend in Jimmy is especially meaningful. I mean Clark does seem to have fit in as a child. The Junior Novel really underlines that fact and even Pete Ross has been re-imagined as one of his bullies.They might pull that off with Jenny, but as I mentioned in my post above, I have little faith in Hollywood being able to handle platonic male-female relationships successfully.

Moreover, it is probably more empowering for Lois if Jimmy/Jenny looks up to her and is a man. It means that Lois is not just a role model for other women but that she has transcended gender boundaries and is a role model for all aspiring journalists.

Oh well. As long as they do a job with the relationships, I'll be happy. I just think it could have been better the other way around.
I can see all your points. Very well thought-out. I'm fine with it either way but all the same I'm just hoping for a good, quality film.

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