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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Llama_Shepherd View Post
Flash never bothered since Bart and Barry have the same full name: Bartholomew Allen. Speedy didn't bother me, because Roy was one of the heroes who did more not being a sidekick, so if he were introduced as Arsenal or Red Arrow, that would be better.

But Stephanie has never been all that important to Bruce. As Spoiler, she was a supporting character to the third Robin, as Batgirl she was a subordinate to Dick as Batman, when Bruce was dead, and when he returned he sent her away to another country, because essentially, if she doesn't do as he wants, he'll shut her down.

The only time he ever actually trusted her was because he knew that Tim would need some support after his death.

But now she has been given an identity which was never hers, made famous by a better, more iconic Batman partner with a personality that compliments Batman better.

It's an awful decision made by Miller because he likes Stephanie, not because he likes Batman.

To give an allegory to another hero, it would be like Flash in this universe, let's say he's grown up and called Barry now, having Bart as his sidekick, despite the fact that Barry's sidekick is Wally and Bart is Wally's and that Barry and Bart have only interacted in a handful of issues in their entire histories and pretending their is some deep meaning to their relationship between them despite Bart only ever knowing Barry as a story.

There is nothing in established canon that would even suggest Stephanie should ever be Batman's sidekick.
Well there was that short time she was Robin but even then Batman didn't want her as Robin. Miller is using her because he feels he has unfinished work with her IMO. Oh well I'm still going to pick it up. I just don't care for the choice of sidekick though.

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