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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
Maybe because Batman has never been known to be a sidekick, new continuity or not.

Batman played sidekick here.

With Dick Grayson is different cuz most people heard about Robin not Nightwing and they know Robin as Batman's sidekick. General audience probably never heard of the Nightwing persona in the first place.
Oh, and this comic book is aimed at who, exactly?

With Batman is the exact opposite. No matter what Elseworlds they use, he would never be anyone's sidekick and everyone is aware of that. He would either work solo or have subordinates or Bruce Wayne would've never became Batman in the first place but never a sidekick.
Flashpoint (yeah, Thomas, but whatevs Batman), Thrillkiller. The latter of which is considered one of the best Batman elseworld tales.

No writer is crazy enough to do something like that, Elseworlds or not. The Nightwing/Stephanie Brown issue is not nearly as ridiculous as something like that.
Except one of the better elseworld tales.

Sorry, another poor example on your part.
Not really, I did it sort of as a bait, because, you don't seem to be a comic reader. This comic is not for the general audience. This is not the show, it is not read by 2 million people, it is a comic book, for the comic book audience and passed over the iconic sidekick of Dick Grayson, or even the later, actual sidekicks of Jason, Tim and Barbara in favour of a character that was a "sidekick" to Batman in the loosest sense of the term in that the only reason it happened for all of two months was so she could be killed off and it would be a surprise.

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