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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Originally Posted by Johnny View Post
I don't care to what extent Batman was a sidekick to someone in some mini-series, Batman is not known by any type of audience to be primarily a sidekick.
Unlike Stephanie? Who was a sidekick for 2 months of her twenty ish year existence. So less than 1/100th of her history is as a sidekick, in a story in which, the writers themselves wanted no part in.

There's no point to introduce him in a whole different and popular universe and make him one.
Just like how I see there's no point in bringing in Stephanie Brown, over any of Bruce Wayne's sidekicks, especially Grayson, who has the closest relationship with Batman and Superman, or Drake who was Superboy's best friend.

The New 52 was an example about fans complaining about something like this here, which I chose to keep an open mind for, like I do for this here, not that it was connected to Smallville specifically.
Ah, okay. In that case, I too enjoy the New 52 immensely, aside from a few things.

I don't care to what fans the comic tries to appeal, fact is both fans and non-fans read it and not all of them know or mind changes in certain specifics about characters like Batman's different sidekicks.
Well, considering most of the audience will be comic readers, I'd bet most do know Bruce's sidekicks.

OK, Dick Grayson is the most famous sidekick, Barry Allen is the most famous Flash too but they used Bart in the show not him, even though at first it may not make sense to use him in stead of the more popular ones.
Well, I don't think Barry is the most popular Flash, I'd say Wally is, due to Barry having being dead up until 2008 and Wally having been in the DCAU, and in any case, like I said before, Barry and Bart have the same name, I'd rather see Bart grow up to be Barry than be Impulse forever.

Here is the same thing - they didn't choose the most popular Robin or Nightwing but someone else.
Not really, because Stephanie wasn't ever a member of Bruce's supporting cast, she was a member of Tim's and Steph and Bruce have shared little interaction in her entire history.

And for the record, they didn't choose any Nightwing.

Big deal, Bart Allen was never the best known speedster and they showed him well on the show, what is the problem in trying the same with Stephanie, despite her never been a prominent sidekick before, too? I honestly don't understand what's your problem with this.
I've already stated my problem, there are several, better and more suited characters, instead they are being passed over for a character who hasn't ever fulfilled the sidekick role for more than a cheap stunt to kill her off, because the writer likes that different character more. I'd rather Batman remain alone rather than have Stephanie Brown, someone elses support character, be used, especially with a better characters codename.

It's just my preference. You don't have to agree. I think Smallville made plenty of other mistakes too, it's not like it's something new. However, I had been waiting for Batman since Adam Knight was introduced, and including Steph, of all characters has ruined it for me. I don't want to see it.

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