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Default Re: > Design FOX's Production AGENDA since DOFP (2014-2022)

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
the Shiar in the x-men movies would be more than amazing.

supposedly Bryan had them in his version of X3, but who knows if Fox will adapt them one day or not

Id love to see the x-men move to the space. to see the whole team on the gallaxy in their uniforms and meeting other races would be EPIC.

we'll probably have to wait more than a decade for that
To me I would rather want them to do Apocalypse/Horsemen first before they move on to space. Actually they could adapt so many stories from the comic-books that features unique surroundings/environment (like the Morlocks/the Broods/Savage Land). its just that the previous five films felt very realistic and not comic-booky and it would be odd to see X-Men go to space and travel through a space-ship. It would be such a drastic transition.

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