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Default Re: 3 Reasons "Days Of Future Past" Is Actually X4

Originally Posted by Lightning Strykez! View Post
I hate to say it but...I honestly think this will be the last time we see the First Class cast. There is only so far they can take the prequel approach, much like the Star Wars films. FC played an important role in refreshing interest in this franchise, but its job is done. It created a bridge to what is happening now. But I've never believed that Fox intended on making a whole series with the FC cast; it was always about bringing it back to front and center with the classic X-Men. This Days Of Future Past will be the first foray into that.

After this film drops, I 100% expect Fox to retire everything and everyone we associate with this franchise and start over completely with a real reboot with new actors, storylines, etc. Kinda like what Marvel/Sony did with The Amazing Spider-Man after the Tobey McGuire films reached their peak. The shelf life for this particular X-Men cast is nearing its expiration date. This 2014 film is about wrapping up all the loose ends, which explains why Fox is pursuing James Marsden for a role in the project as well. I think they want to send this thing off big and proper-like for the fans and to open up the doors for something bigger to challenge the success of what Marvel Studios is enjoying right now.

Don't think so. There's a reason Mark Millar was hired, and a reason he says FC, and The Wolverine are new starting points for the series - similar to what Iron Man was for Marvel.

With all the talk of an expanded universe, I fully expect to see the series not only continue, but to showcase other teams and stories. Not only another present day X-Men film, but an X-Force movie, or a New Mutants film, etc. All taking place in the same universe and having small threads that link them together.

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