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Default Re: Who owns the rights to the Kingpin?

You know, I feel like Ben Urich and Kingpin should really fall under that legal moral zone where both studios can use them, as is the case with the Maximoffs and (probably) Viper, since both of those characters just as much a part of Spidey's mythos as they are Daredevil's.

Originally Posted by spideymouse View Post
Yeah, that's a great point and a great clue as to who owns the live action rights to these licensed characters. Though at the time, I think Fox also owned the animation rights. I still would like to know who owns what in terms of live action TV rights. A Hugh Jackman or Andrew Garfield cameo on the SHIELD show would be awesome, albeit admittedly unlikely.
I know for a fact Sony owns all live-action rights to Spider-Man, including TV. It was in an article about the Sony/Marvel deal when it first happened that I came across a few weeks back. It would be a pain to look up but I could probably find it.

EDIT: And here it is:

Columbia's parent, Sony Pictures Entertainment, also won the rights to produce sequels to the initial picture and a live-action television series. Sony and Marvel Enterprises also said they would establish a 50-50 joint venture to license Spider-Man-related merchandise, including toys, games and apparel, that could generate billions of dollars in revenues.

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