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Default Re: Contest of Marvels II Thread 3

Originally Posted by Ahura Mazda

Hmmm...everybody likes bringing up the Hyperion fight which the exiles only survived (as a team, may I add) because they had the help of 2 other Hyperions.

Plus you seem to forget that Emplate will copy Morphs powers and has an instant understanding of them. Therefore he could simply unynch himself (he would be invisible) and turn himself into a radiation emitting weapon.

The thing is Morph could never touch Emplate whereas emplate could touch him whenever he wanted.

Also, note that any creature Emplate feeds off of is prone to become his slave.
He can't copy his powers because he needs bone marrow which Morph has none of. And I'm talking about the tie when Morph went at Hyperion by himself and made it out alove, he didn't beat him but he survived.

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