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Default Re: The Official Bizarro Thread

i might of already said this before, somewhere around, i don't remember

but, i think, the Krypton island, is a good set up for Bizarro, i mean, its really a reverse(or Bizarro) krypton as it was formed of kryptonite, and with superman, having been beat up on the island, there are samples of his blood and DNA on it, so, it wouldn't be to far fetched to think that a clone of him could be born on it,(maybe even from, one of the crystals, kitty dropped on the island, if the crystal mixing with his blood, he could be insteadly developed as a full grown man)
so, then you have his "man"? created of a kryptonite based miniature version on krypton, alone and not knowing anything about who or what he is, only that he has great powers

from there all you need is a good storyline of how to get him to earth

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