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Default Re: The Official Bizarro Thread

Originally Posted by Porygon View Post
It was a good idea, just not executed to it's full potential.

Bryan Singer wanted a tidal wave to head towards Metropolis, due to the water displacement a new island would create. The earthquakes would have had a greater effect, and Superman would have lifted a train out of harms way.

There were a lot of things Bryan Singer planned but didn't get to do (or decided not to do) and I think the film suffers because of it.

Agreed. When Lex tests the crystal near the begining of the film, it's set up for the viewer that this thing is going to cause havok on the city when he lets in lose. What we actually get at the end of the movie is . . . . somewhat disappointing. I upping the ante on the Metropolis disaster sequence would've gone a long way to pleasing some of the more disgruntled fans.

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