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Default Re: The Official Bizarro Thread

I disagree, I think Bizarro has a lot of potential (a lot lot more than metallo IMO) and I would to see him in the second movie (even if it's not going to happen). But I'm talking about evil Bizarro not backward-stupid Bizarro.. The stupid B. as a second string, OK.
I know I'm part of the few who like Bizarro to be evil (or wish B. would be evil) but I think it would work.
Furthermore, there is something that always bugged me, it's his symbol ; A reverse "S" ?? Why ?
I think a "S" with a bad shape would work better. The "S" looks like a "Z" every time I look at it, and the fact that there is a "Z" in biZarro doesn't help.

Hey Vegeta, who's on your avvy ?

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