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Default Re: The Official Bizarro Thread

I actually now think it's not a bad idea to introduce Jason as Bizarro. It sounds insane, but it could be an interesting idea to expreiment with. Maybe have Lex Luthor inserting genetic material into Lois Lane as a means of having a Kryptonian fetus develop with the lack of means because of cloning technology, or doing it so development would be undetected, except to Lois. Or perhaps as an act of revenge because in the past, a cloning operation of his was uncovered and destroyed, and she was the one who did so.

Perhaps in introducing this, Luthor intended the fetus to mutate and kill Lois instead with a flawed genetic growth. Maybe a cancerous fetus or something he intended to use to murder her. Maybe make the returned Superman an actual Bizarro Superman which Lex created while holding the real one hostage for five years and starting a new operation from it.

I could see a storyline where Superman returns to Earth and people believe he is the real one, then it turns out, surprise! I'm a clone. It would make for an interesting confusion storyline. People of Earth will not know who the real Superman is we have a new interesting storyline. A series of clone Supermen galavanting across the globe.

Why not? It would certainly explain why Superman was as dumb as he appeared in SR. Of course instead of mentally retarded Superman clone, why not either one which mutates to an evil version, or perhaps a zombie Superman like Resident Evil or something.

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