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Default Re: Christian Bale v.s. Michael Keaton - Part 1

Originally Posted by Ponyboy View Post
I felt Keaton's pain. I thought he was scary as Batman. I get neither of those from Bale. Just my feeling.
Bale looks too comfy as Wayne. I love American Psycho and when he's Wayne, I just see Bale, as an actor, pretending he's Patrick Bateman (lite) again.

As Batman, I feel that less dialog works better since we can't read inner thought bubble. You're right, that's probably why Keaton as Batman is scarier, since he's not saying much, you have no idea what this nutcase is thinking (and he kills too, regardless of how inaccurate this interpretation is to the source).

Bale's Batman is mostly all action and very little mystery. There's less behind Bale's Bat eyes than Keaton's.

EDIT: Somebody else said this earlier that Bale looks BORED when he's playing Wayne, as if "its the 100th take" and "wants to go home".... is that Bale thinking that how Wayne would be or is that him actually being in a bad mood and wanting a shoot to be done?

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