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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by ChickenScratch View Post
Boomer will never e Batman. DC does not like to invite controvercy and casting a gay lead in the role is gonna turn into that. Wish it was not so.
It has nothing to do with that. The general public doesn't give a crap about that stuff for the most part. Ian McKellan's sexuality has not harmed any of his casting opportunities and the X-Men films were big hits despite thematic analogies to recent gay rights issues (like any other minority rights issue) and Singer's own orientation. Boomer will likely never be Batman because he's too petite and small boned (no weight training can change that, the guy just doesn't have a tall, superhero frame) and has demonstrated little range for dark, brooding and serious. Most of his big roles have been suave and snarky.

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