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Default Re: The Shadow, the Phantom or Dick Tracy?

Originally Posted by st barbara View Post
I didn't particularly enjoy "Dick Tracy", but that was probably caused by the casting of first Beatty and then Madonna. "The Shadow" I enjoyed, I thought the casting in it was very good (John Lone made such an evil Shiwan Khan !) "The Phantom" was fun too, but Billy Zane came across as a bit bland, particularly when compared to the delightfully manic performance of Treat Williams as Xander Drax ! I like "The Rocketeer" as well and have copies of the last three films that I mentioned.
Dick Tracy is actually the only film, other than A League of Their Own, that I like Madonna in.
It actually had a pretty big all star cast looking back.
The Phantom was fun, but it was nothing compared to Rocketeer, The Shadow, and Dick Tracy. Rocketeer trumps them all though.

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