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Default Re: The "realism" thread

I also think Batman's armored suit in the Tim Burton movie is a bit of a nod towards Frank Miller's depiction in The Dark Knight Returns. He gets shot in that story trying to stop Harvey Dent from blowing up Gotham Towers, and the caption says "Of course I wear armor under the symbol. I can't very well armor my head." Maybe it was Burton's way of saying, "Oh yes, you can!"

Superheros in movies are generally on Earth. It's best if they obey the physics/society/reality of the neighborhood. Take the matter of Superman flying against the rotation of the Earth, breaking the time barrier, and saving Lois in the first movie. A lot of people thought he turned the Earth's rotation backwards. It went against the laws of physics as we know it. Hence it wasn't 'realistic' and confused a lot of people.

It would have been more realistic if he had used his super-speed to actually save Lois, once he realized she was in trouble. They could have done that by doing it from Superman's point of view of everything around him slowing to a crawl, then a near standstill, while his movements sped up. It would have seemed 'realistic', and was very possible given the special effects of the time. They even did a similar trick on Star Trek TOS episode called Wink of an Eye, and it was done very well.

Does this make it a bad movie? No, but it's not very 'realistic' and confused people. I think that's what people mean when they say that term. Don't confuse us with super hero movies. Make it so we can understand, but don't treat us like idiots.


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