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Default Re: MCU-ize Marvel Characters

Originally Posted by Zoken View Post
Daredevil... no costume, other than maybe some urban ninja gear. Play him as a Lawyer with a knack for playing detective. Keep the senses at either above normal or super-human. He's not some masked vigilante, it's just that he leaps from roof-top to roof-top and the people who've snapped jpegs of him started calling him the New York Daredevil, and then just The Daredevil. Make this character, physically, as simple as possible. Keep most of the story from the movie we had (Matt suspects the Kingpin, meets Elektra, they become involved (don't intimate that it's more than dating) and her father dies, and she goes a little off the deepend. Most of the story was very good. Have Jack, seeing that his son is feeling weak after being blinded, take Matt to a dojo that will train him, there he meets stick. And that is who Matt talks to instead of the priest.

I strongly dislike this.
Primarely because i'm tired of writers/directors trying to make a comic book film without staying close to the comic. A non-superhero superhero movie. Those piss me off. Either do a comic book movie based on the comic or don't. But don't go half-assed and try to make it "real"

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