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Default Re: Actors from original trilogy on First Class sequel with Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
This could be the perfect opportunity to put all the characters from the 1st six movies but that wouldn't make the film any better. The reason why The Avengers worked so well to the comic-book fans because everyone of them were given the right amount of screentime. Marvel Studios just didn't pile those superheroes for action or just for the sake of having them in a movie together.

But with you, you are actually saying that its okay that they pile this movie with a lot of characters without giving most of them character development, you basically just want to see all of them in the film together. It doesn't matter if they have story or not and I don't think thats right.
... again it's not the cast size that makes the writing suck, it's the time spent and the script and way they are used. The X-men movies have imo been all about the script and very little about the cast.. and thus have been handled pretty poorly. The writers outline a script with the key players.. then shove everyone else into a void they need to fill to get the key players from point A to B. You don't have to do that... only choose cameos and characters that fit, not ones that are forced.

it's quite obvious they went "well we want to include ______ so lets force him in there even though it makes no sense what so ever"

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