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Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
The thread is about finding an obtuse way to connect X-Men and FF in a shared adventure. Thus far, people are mentioning famous X-stories with small nods to the FF to set up Rachel Summers? My point is they do not really narratively have much of a reason to mix. It is, as others have said, Fox wants to cash in on the Avengers $$. If they want to do that, the best way is to expand the X-verse into its own thing that is as big as the MCU. Because in all honesty, nobody is clamoring for an X-Men/Fantastic Four team-up and the idea just seems forced. It may be a business strategy, but that does not make it a smart or automatically successful one. I think it is fair to point out the obvious.
Obtuse as it may be it still can be done. No one said every film that comes out of the FMCU has to connect FF and X-Men. I just brought up one story that just so happens to focus in equal parts on the X-Men and FF only and that story just so happens to be a direct sequel to a story they are about to do. As much as you may hate the idea it's been done in the comics and can be done in the films too. It's just a sidenote that this could introduce one of my favorite female X characters.

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