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Default Re: Is Robert Downey Jr. a good choice?

I think this is a 50/50 shot. Either Jon Favreau will look brilliant at the end of this or he will look like the biggest idiot in Hollywood. Robert Downey Jr. can act, but he doesn't fit Tony Stark. Downey usually plays the sidekick to the playboy types, so this will be a different Tony Stark. It reminds me of when Kevin Smith was gonna do Green Hornet. All kind of crazy ideas were being thrown around. Favreau is taking a risk, because comics to movies work when the character bares some resemblence to the original character and Downey Jr. is way off the mark. Here's some examples:

Tobey Maguire was the right choice for Spider Man because people could see him as Peter Parker.

Christian Bale was great for Batman because people could see him as Bruce Wayne.

Eric Bana was a horrible choice for the Hulk Movie(also, the horrible script didn't help).

Brandon Routh was a bad choice for Superman (I said Tom Welling because people can see him as Clark Kent/Superman).

So, I'm leaning towards disaster because Downey is known for good acting in smaller movies. This is why it's risky, because Iron Man is not known like Batman, Super Man or Spider Man. Everybody knows about Gotham City, Krypton and Peter Parker getting bit by a spider. If you ask someone, who is Tony Stark? There gonna say, isn't that the guy in the Wu Tang Clan.

Oh yeah, if your spending that much money on the movie, Tom Cruise has to be your prototype. He would have elevated Iron Man and you need an actor like that to elevate him into the mind of the masses.

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