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Default Re: Is Robert Downey Jr. a good choice?

Originally Posted by Eros
Downey Junior is a very well kown and talented actor, but hes became a joke for late night shows etc.
None of that has stopped directors from casting him in incredibly multi-layered roles.
Originally Posted by Tony Stark
I also think because of Downey's troubled past it will probably keep some people who aren't fans of the comic away from the film.
Actually I think it will tap into a whole new audience that would have otherwise not even given superhero movies a chance.
Originally Posted by Polomontana
Oh yeah, if your spending that much money on the movie, Tom Cruise has to be your prototype. He would have elevated Iron Man and you need an actor like that to elevate him into the mind of the masses.
Bleh! Tom Cruise can play one role and the only thing that role has in common with Stark is a perceived cockiness towards women.

.oO( I wish I was Steiss...)
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