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Default Re: The "Easter Eggs/References" Thread (Spoilers to minimum)

Originally Posted by PumpkinBombxXx View Post
Im going to disagree with you Mantis. Those are put in there for the fans and trust me we get it. Its nice that the general audience pays for us fanboys to see the Super Heros we grew up with come to life. So dont get me wrong i love you guys for it but these are not really made for you, I know that they have to cater to you so you guys will watch it to but still its made for the fans. So if you dont understand what it means it doesnt really bother any one.
Oh and to a fan yes these easter eggs are worth it. Im not aven a fan of Thor and i totaly lost my mind and cant wait to see the movie. Its all about loveing the universe and watching it be born on the silver screen
Dude. I knew what every reference throughout the film meant. I'm a geek. A closeted one perhaps, but a geek none the less.

What i was trying to say was, with Marvel dropping all these references to the still forming Marvel-Movieverse, are they gonna confuse the non-geeks? Is it worth sacrificing the integraty of the film by filling it with knowing winks to people like us? I had explain who Nick Fury was, who Shield were, who The Avengers were, who the Shield and Hammer belonged too to my friends after the film. They had no idea, and to be honest, didn't care.

I dont mind easter eggs as a bit of fun, but when they're scattered throughout the film, are sometimes at the forefront of scenes and sometimes turned into 'full-on' characters ala Nick Fury (
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
and it is never explicitly explained who he is or what his intentions are - he's just a teaser for geeks like us who know what the crack is
), are they getting in the way of the story?

I dunno.

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