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Default Re: The "Easter Eggs/References" Thread (Spoilers to minimum)

I see Iron Man 2 again (3 times ). Update of the SHIELD map :

+ we can see an Artic's map in the Howard Stark trunk.

Sorry, it's a traduction of a french article with all Iron Man 2 easter eggs/hidden reference. We have 7 points on the map !

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
- Europe: no points in Great Britain (Captain Britain, Excalibur, there was something to do !)... but in Scandinavia. Hard to say exactly where, or what it means.

- Africa: East Africa (Somalia, Kenya). One thinks immediately to Wakanda, except that by different sources, the fictional country is farther west. But no doubt that for a film, it is possible to take some liberties with geography.

- Atlantic Ocean: in the southern Atlantic Ocean, between Brazil and Angola. Probably Namor, prominent member of Invaders, whose presence in the film Captain America is already assured. The main problem is that Namor is a mutant (he "belongs" to the then Fox) ... but basically, it is primarily a character in the category "Heroes" and not a mutant. If one adds his presence on the map, I think his presence is highly plausible in the future!

- Greenland / Iceland: where is Captain America in Freeze mode? Without doubt, as it says that Captain America is frozen in North Atlantic. Except ... in the DVD of the Incredible Hulk, the body cap is frozen with his shield, but Arctic. The geographical difference is not huge anyway.

- USA: East side, Washington / New York, probably Hulk. To the west, no doubt Tony Stark. New Mexico: Thor.

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