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Default Did anyone see 1989's movie in theaters?

I did when i was 8 about 5 times and loved it, i had the merchandise such as shoes, action figures, poster, program magazine, cards, coloring books, novel, comic adaptation, t-shirts, lunchbox, coffee mug, VHS movie for christmas, NES game for christmas, a bank Taco Bell cups. I even ate the cereal and cookies of Batman, then i watched reruns of the campy but cool 60's show and read the comics including my big brothers comics as i was turned into a certified batman fan as it did to every 80s child who saw the film in theaters.

I even saw the sequel 4 times in theaters when i was 11 as i had the merchandise to that movie including the SNES game with VHS film for christmas and watched TAS religiously every after school after Tiny Toons.

Thanks to Burton's movies, i have became the fan of Batman i am today.

Who else had the same experience like i did?

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