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Default Re: Did anyone see 1989's movie in theaters?

Originally Posted by ???? View Post
No kiddin'.
I have said lots of positive things about the movie on the boards as well.

Originally Posted by TruerToTheCore

Of course, the camp-fest Batman Returns was even worse.
I actually came out of my first screening of BR totally buzzing, on a real superhero high, it was mainly due to the fact I thought they'd done Catwoman very well, and had all these Batman type scenes i wanted to see onscreen, him and CW fighting on the rooftops for one.

I watched all 3 of the 89-95 movies far too much on vhs throughout the 90s, I never watch them now, apart from BF every once in a while.
I was actually waiting a while before I look at BR again, I know you have a problem with the Catwoman depiction, but aye, if I look at it again soon, I'll post some thoughts in the BR thread and you can always comment, instead of taking this offtopic.

El Payaso: I have not forgotten about replying to the rest of your BM89 thread post, I look forward to answering in depth, as there is some interesting moral issues and such up for discussion there, but am a bit too knckered to do it now.

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